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    Need someone to tweak, harden and setup my new SM Server

    I will be getting my new SM server in a day or two and i would like to have someone to do all the update, tweaking, hardening, and installation of firewall, etc onto my new server. My server will be running RHE 3 with WHM/Cpanel

    Those interested may PM me your service package and asking price. I don't really have a big budget, so price is also a determining factor.

    In your reply or PM, please state all the services that you will be performing on the server.

    In addition, i hope you will be able to provide me 1 - 2 week of support after the initial setup.

    All offers and recommendations are welcome. Thank in advance.

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    Give a try they have done work for me in the past and I have been very happy with them

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    The only person to go with is, the linux guy.

    He has a sticky on this forum as well. Also search around, and you'll see that he does great work for a lot of people on this forum.

    He helped harden our server after it had been compromised, and it showed me he works fast and stands by his work.
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