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    Fustrated by number of hosts to choose from?

    Looking for end user comments please.


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    ok, im a former end user... so you see how i voted.

    i think there are way too many hosts, but as a consumer i like having the choice.

    consumers only need to educate themselves and be able to differentiate between one company and another.
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    I like choice too

    After running through 3 different webhosts, I do successively deeper and deeper research each time. Mind you - I didn't leave them because I was stingy and went for the cheapest.

    Host 1) Overcharged me by 1 month, suspended my account by accident and didn't get it back up until a full day later.

    Host 2) Went down under - I was paying a reasonable price of $25 for 2gb/40gb

    Host 3) Got hacked into because they didn't secure their server well enough.

    I'm looking for host number 4 now, and after emailing them to the extent that they must hate me, plus researching with neutral parties, present and past customers, I think I've found someone I can finally relax with

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