Good day all,
I am currently in college and looking for a support job for a small or medium web hosting company in the UK or US. My knowledge is as followed:

Control Panels:
-CPanel (Root, Reseller, Client)
-Plesk (Admin, Client/Reseller, Web Mail)
-Ensim (Basic)
CP+, HSphere I could learn in about 25 minutes

-Basic commands (Moving around Linux, Compiling Kernel (Only done on Slackware – always successful), Starting Services, Stopping and Restarting Services.
-Understanding of the use

-CCNA Semester 1 certification should be coming through shortly, always 90% and above on exams, except data center design (Humidity, Raise Floors, only got 82.5%)

Web Design
-Graphics Design (To an extent)
-Basic (Very basic) PHP, Java – By this I mean I can manipulate scripts, get them tot do what you want them to do.

Good English (I am English, live in the UK), Maths and can speak some German, but not much.

I think I would be off some use due to the amount of hours I am on a computer, I am on a computer a good 10 hours a day, and in this time can answer e-mails and trouble tickets, with good response times, I would say 30 minutes, most probably quicker. I would for a few hours a day be viable to go on Live Support.

I know why a client would want a certain package over another, and I have my ways of allowing potential clients to see why they would need a specific package over any other, or a reseller or Dedicated server for the matter, I have a good understanding for Servers in terms of there use, specially hardware wise.

I could write tutorials on how to use control panels, basic command tutorials and help on Dedicated servers if needed (I am currently developing which will be launched on the First of June, which will contain articles (very in-depth ones) about Linux Administration, as I learn, I write what I learn down, and have done since Christmas 2003, a good 60+ articles done, this is not including articles I have done at college for Cisco classes etc, which I will be uploading, I have mentioned this because I think it will help you understand that I am not only wanting this position to get a little money for book materials and so I can start putting money together to get a small server from Layered Tech but to show you I am wanting to learn, I have plans by the time I am 25 (currently 17 turning 18 this year) to have 16 certifications in Cisco Networking, Red Hat and various hardware and MS certifications)
If anyone feels they may be able to offer me a position, or want more details feel free to e-mail me: [email protected], or contact me through msn: [email protected]. Feel free to PM me or also message me in this thread.

Thank you for your time and effort in reading this e-mail


Steve Clarke