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    Question Nameserver using main shared ip?

    on my box NS1 is using the same ip as the Main shared IP then NS2 is different.. < main ip + NS1 < NS2
    for xample...

    Is it best to have it setup as < main ip < NS1 <NS2
    and then spread the sites hosted over the other remaining ip's and just have the main domain on the shared ip?

    or doesnt it matter having a nameserver the same as the main shared one ive had it like this for three months so far.. just curious...

    any clarification would be greatly appreciated ^.^

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    It shouldnt be a problem. All you need is really two IP's. When I set a server up I seperate them, but it shouldnt make any problems by the way your doing it.

    Try going to and run a test on your domain to see if any errors are present.

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