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    Thumbs up Job Description: LINUX System Engineer

    Summary: We are seeking a UNIX/LINUX system engineer to assist our current support administrators and to perform advanced tasks related to our expansion.

    Details: This position will be part of a talented team that is responsible for the on going maintenance, growth and development of a large scale server farm running primarily on Linux. The ideal candidate must be a self-starter with strong work habits and have mid-level career experience in maintaining large numbers of UNIX servers. This experience should be rolling out new systems, maintaining, upgrading, replacing, and improving the long-term performance of the systems as well as supporting networking equipment.

    Duties: Performs as a senior member of the systems administration team to support the installation, optimization, integration, troubleshooting, backup, recovery, modification, security, and upgrading of IT systems and components to provide services that enable customers to effectively apply IT to business requirements. Has knowledge of tools and mechanisms for distributing new or upgraded software to ensure customers receive current versions of supported software, as they become available. Shall be able to work with other senior staff to recommend and design systems architecture and topology from both general and specific perspectives.


    - Extensive sysadmin experience with Red Hat Linux and Windows2003

    - Must have good working knowledge of the following, but not limited to, CPanel, Apache 1.3.x and 2.0, ProFTPd, MySQL, PHP, Sendmail, Exim, SSHd, Qmail, Qpopper, Bind, Nagios, etc.

    - Extensive experience running mailservers

    - Experience with SpamAssassin-tuning strongly preferred

    - Scripting experience, specifically with Perl and bash

    - In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP, BIND, LDAP and other core technologies

    - Must be able to determine when a server is in a "distressed" state, e.g. network performing badly, short of swap space, short of RAM, overloaded CPU, overloaded I/O subsystem. Understand how to gather more information and recommend a solution.

    - Knowledge of how to modify kernel and device driver behavior.

    - Strong understanding of network and server security.

    SALARY: Commensurate with experience.

    SEND RESUMES TO: [email protected]

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    I have all the required experience and skills (except LDAP, that I'll be glad to learn).
    Please see and contact me if interested.

    Guy Cohen - Unix Administration, Security and Support.
    "Unix is user friendly; it's just picky about who its friends are."

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    I can provide system admin support to your present team.


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    Is this for a remote "teleworker" or what location would this work be conducted at?

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