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    Lightbulb Anyone familiar with Textlinkbrokers?

    Is anyone familiar with

    What do you think about their service? Has anyone experienced them? thanks

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    Yes I know textlinkbrokers. I like their emphasys on relevance of links. They will sell you related links and if you´re an inventory partner you can be sure to have placed related links only in your website(s).

    If you like some help getting in contact with them, I can help you.

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    I spoke with Aaron Crawford at at length about there program. For those interested I think they have lots of examples of there work and well worth investigating if you would benefit from it. I liked the idea of a permanent link as apposed to a monthly link. I also like that of course they match content (as best they can) so that your not only getting the benefit of back links with anchor text but you might drive traffic to your site too.
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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