Do you want to earn from 50$ to 1000$ (and more) per a day???

The person which I represent want you to develop a chatbot to run with his very HIGH-cost adult and non-adult programs.

the bot need to be able to perform the folowing basic tasks:
- connect to room(s)
- send message to room and users
- retrieve incomming messages/users online in rooms
- be commanded from an external source (an external file wich operates the bot

to make it generate money directly from start the folowing standalone program should be added to it:
1. connect to room(s)
2. remain idle for random 2-10 seconds
3. send random message to room
4. remain idle for random 60-240 seconds
5. send random message to users log incomming replies for "study" purposes
6. send random welcome message to new users
7. remain idle for random 60-240 seconds
8. send random message to users from 2nd DB
9. go to next room or remain idle for random 60-240 seconds and restart loop

the one chat bot is already working (almost) that how it do on

engine simply accepts connects from control panel and chatbots.
when chatbot send mesasge, botengine searches db for reply and send it to chatbot
chatbot connects to chat server, listen for msgs, sends them to engine, receives reply
and post replies to chat.




www chat-web com/teenplace/teenchat.html

2-nd chat is more simpler and you can with no problems write bot for it

please high-skilled programmers are welcomed especially

for more information you can contact me using:

ICQ: 267491357,
MSN messenger: domelty
or mail me your proposals to the following address: [email protected]

Best regards,

p.s. you can ask your questions in forum, but I'm afraid I'll can't answer you here, so please don't hesitate to contact me and ask all what you want!