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    Good article on branding V click-thrus

    There's some meaty content there regarding the value of building brand awareness through online marketing, when Google starts selling banners on their publisher's sites. Interesting stuff indeed. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Mostly beneficial for content related websites only

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    Interesting article. Relevent to all sites, not just content related websites.

    The regular ad networks are worried because their ad serving technology does not allow them to target the ads in the way googles technology does.

    Their argument is only that Google is CPC and this will drive the market away from CPM (their model where they espouse the benefits of branding rather than direct response). Their logic is flawed - CPC is far better for the ad buyer and there is an equivalent CPM tied to any CPC campaign (that typically will result in a better CPM rate than they charge)
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