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    I need a Pimp created

    Fur coat, bell bottom pants, bright colors, gold chains and rings.
    Hat with a long feather attached
    Plus the pimp ride a Caddy, dice hanging from rearview mirror
    the design can be either a cartoon like charactor or playstation 2/online game charactor.

    the site is the start of a new online gaming community to bring clans and resources together for all to enjoy

    email me if this can be done
    [email protected]

    peace out

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    Will pay for the work, not looking for a freebie

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    Moved so you can receive offers.

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    I may be interested, but this project looks like one of the more tougher ones. First let me ask, how much are you willing to spend. Cuz these days people are spending a good amount of time creating designs and getting [email protected] at the end. Sorry about the lang. Anyways, im interested. I am more experienced with web design but I can also do logo design too. I have some examples of logos that i will be putting on my webpage. In the meantime you can check it out if you want.

    Thanks, Karim.

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    I figure it will cost me between $75-$100

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    Visit this site, they cover pimp wear.
    Hats, shoes, walking canes, and jewelry.

    I want the most outrageous one possible
    lots of color and bling bling

    Plus i need the Pimp ride
    convertible caddy with dice hanging from mirror
    fur dash etc. Rims with spinners. Maybe have it done in flash so the spinners are turning

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    Contact CastleMelody - Amazing mascot / illustrators

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    good work but I am looking for high quality
    dont think that would pass the review of other admins

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