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    any 3rd party asp component that enables me to do this?

    i need to do something like a drag and drop interface for the user to upload the files into the web server directory, afterwhich, the filename, datetime will be captured into the database.

    PS : take note, I am only looking at asp not

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    You want it the user to drag it from their hard drive into the web server directory to upload?

    It sounds a bit complexed, sounds like you need a java or some activex control to do that.

    I know persits aspupload has a couple addons to it that might do what you are looking for. Can check that out at and see if it fits your needs. - Content Management / Portal Software Solutions
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    yes, what you are describing definitely needs some client side magic. I think you should be looking at activex/java. Java is probably better for portability and safety.

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