The Server Specs:

Dual pentium 4 2.8 GHZ HyperThreaded
1 GB RAm
100 Mb Port
99% uptime guarentee
Server is located at the Planet Network
Server is secured by a dedicated admin.
Private nameservers

Mp3, warez, not allowed.

Very nice low pings.

1 GB Disk 30 Gb bandwith= 70 dolars/year 7 dolars/month

3 GB Disk 60 Gb bandwith= 120 dolars/year 12 dolars/month

5 GB Disk 100 Gb bandwith= 200 dolars/year 20 dolars/month

10 GB Disk 200 Gb bandwith= 350 dolars/year 35 dolars/month

20 GB Disk 400 Gb bandwith=ask for special price

We dont oversell the server. Server loads will be kept everytime at acceptable ranges.

we've been servering the industry for 8 months.
We work only with the best.
have 2 servers always load the balance between 2.

Contact info:

Web site is under construction
email: [email protected]
msnm: [email protected]
icq: 171516656

Accept all major credit cards (2checkout) and paypal.