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Thread: Actors Images!

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    Actors Images!


    I have found many hollywood sites with actors and actresses images but all do have a copyright. Same is the case with other film industry related sites.

    I want to know from where these webmasters get the images from?? Do they scan the images or do they rip from other sites ??

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    There are a lot of image galleries on the web like

    I'm not sure about a copyright to reproduce an images on the web.... does anybody know?

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    If you want to get really technical, I researched it a long time ago.. So i am not going to dig up all the legalities for you..

    It doesn't matter WHO took the photo, if it contains a picture of a person in it they are the copyright holder unless a release form is signed.

    Most of the pics you see are from people standing in crowds that took them or what not.

    The others that are taken specifically for a magazine most likely have those release forms.

    I have only heard of a few celebrities going after people to shut down sites that were derogitory to them using those pictures, but not many at all..

    1.) Yes they are most likely violating some copyright somewhere.
    2.) No, no one gives a crap.

    Its kind of just like speeding, its a law its there, not many people follow it or abide by it, and 99% of people get away with it.

    Morally, ethically and from a business standpoint its wrong.

    The cost for these people to protect these copyrights costs more than its worth to defend..
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    If you are an established print / online publisher or editor you should be able to get free Media Kits from the movie producers and distributors containing images, writeups etc. etc.

    Check this out.....they are asking money to list a movie/actors images lol So if you got a good site with a huge audience they should be drooling at your door begging you to take the images

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