Dear Customers of Frozen Web Hosting,

It has been a great time running Frozen Web Hosting. Through the ups and downs, our team has worked hard to provide you with the highest quality hosting service. However, due to obligations of the owners and staff of FWH, we have decided to transfer the operation of FWH to another web hosting firm called AcuNett Web Services. No pricing plans, billing cycles, or other items of the nature will changed through this transition. The only changes customers of FWH can expect are a seamless transfer of files to a new server. This transition will be performed by the combined efforts of FWH and AcuNett without the needed involvement of the end users.

AcuNett is a well-established hosting firm with a great reputation throughout the hosting community for support, knowledgeable staff, and overall quality hosting. We are confident that every customer who stays through this move will be very pleased by the service they will receive.

The planned switch of service will take place on May 20th, 2004 and prior to which the customers of FWH will be informed of the new server IP addresses, nameserver information. Our old FWH servers will run for approximately 2 weeks after the initial move to give those who need extra time, to transfer over any settings or files they may need. The FWH team will also be on staff during this 2-week period to give extra assistance or support to anyone in need.

All of us at FWH appreciate the continued patronage of our clients and know that you will all find an exemplary hosting experience with AcuNett.

Best Regards,

The FWH Team
and the
AcuNett Web Services Staff