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    Question overselling bandwidth?

    when you get a dedicated server you have around 1000-2000GB
    do you ever oversell your packages because you know that 95% won't even use everything.
    And if you do go over the use you will just be charged from the dedicated server company not like the hard drive that says FULL.

    So my question is it do you put more bandwidth than it would add up?

    lets say you have 1000GB.

    You have 100 packages selling 12 GB = 1200GB

    200GB overboard

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    most companies charge $1.5 and up for each additional GB of bandwidth, thus $1.50 * 200GB - $300

    if you're positive only the rare few will use the whole 9 yards and above then go ahead, if not then id' suggest nto doing so because you'd end up loosign money.

    overselling this much would be a big risk, but whats business without risk? the biggest risk in life is not taking one..

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    the dedicated server company might cut you some discounts on the bandwidth if you purchase more than 50gb, not sure, it greatly depends on the company...

    changed spelling of sure from usre to sure, sorry

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    I have some clients that don't go past 200MB a month and others that don't even use 25MB a month on a 10GB/month plan so I guess it depends on the type of clients you have. I also have some clients that use 90% of their monthly bandwidth. Just keep a record of what your average bandwidth usage is and if you start getting close to your limit it's time to get a new server

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    Any form of overselling should be done with extreme caution for a number of reasons:

    * Your customers have the right to use the bandwidth you a lot in the plan. Should a good majority use the bandwidth for which they are entitled your overage fees with your own connectivity provider may cause financial stress.

    * If you get 1 to 2 TB of bandwidth, your own provider may be overselling. Overselling of overselling may cause problems down the road.

    * Letís say you are financially successful, and now you have enough servers it makes financial sense to co-locate. Do you think you will get the same bandwidth pricing you have now?

    Or will your pricing model limit your choice of co-location providers in the future because the going price of quality bandwidth is out of your reach?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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