Looking for a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED GameServer Administrator? Looking for a Linux/Unix/Win2k3 System Administrator qualified enough to help run your dedicated servers? Looking for some tech support for your gameserver/webhosting company? Well today is your lucky day!

I have:
5 Years experience in GameServers
4 Years experience in WebHosting
4 Years experience in Tech Support
3 Years experience in Linux/Unix Administration
I am also VERY flexible on learning new things, as I learn very quickly.

All prices are negotiable, I am very flexible about things needed to be done and what is to be paid for what I have done.

I have worked with several companies for quite some time, have done alot of freelance work for people on WHT, and companies found on IRC who are in need of help. I have references, if needed, just email me or IM me. See contact details at bottom.

Some basic references:
http://www.vintagehost.com (Sales, Support, Administration)
http://www.serverrealm.com (Sales, Support, Administration)
http://www.botnetwork.com (Support)

Basic packages I setup:

Full Half-Life(any mod) Dedicated Install - $3.00 (depending on mods/etc and how many you want)
Full Battlefield(any mod) Dedicated Install - $5.00 (depending on mods and how many you want)
Full Americas Army Dedicated Install - $5.00
Full Return to Castle Wolfenstein Dedicated Install - $5.00

I have listed popular games that people most wanted setup. I know how to setup many many more games, if your looking to have another game installed, just contact me and I will give you a price quote. All prices are NEGOTIABLE and may differ for the amount of servers you want to setup, the more you want setup, the cheaper it is. I am also looking to become a full time gameserver admin for any company.

I am available on:
Yahoo: [email protected]
IRC: sAiNt (if not, come to channel #dyn, my main channel.)
EMAIL: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]