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    URGENT: Need Help On Tweaking Invision Board

    Hey, I recently bought a hosting package and have started running a forum on it. I received an e-mail from the host stating that I'm using too much memory (20.62%), and they said that I should tweak the board so it doesn't use up as much or risk suspension. I'm running Invision PowerBoard v1.3 Final, and badly need tips on how to tweak it. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

    The forum can be found at, the board has an average of 25-35 users on at a time. If someone can help me significantly fix/tweak the problem and bring down the forum's memory usage, I will be willing to pay out $7 from PayPal account, or post a textlink ad on the forum's front page.

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    i can help...

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    Please email me at john at inlope .com and I will help you with your problem as I am very good with Invision Power Board. Also, please include any AIM or MSN contact screenname (AIM prefered).

    John Granat

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    as mentioned on IPB's site, the script is not causing the memory problem. With 35 users, you will experience just a bit shy of 3 seconds script execution time; if your host cannot handle 35 users browsing the forum and believes that IPB is causing the memory stress but not telling you what process is causing it, you should consider switching host.

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    Host is Equivity =/

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    Ill look into it, send me an aim.

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    Inlope (john) tried to tweak it, we are now waiting for Equivity to send us another email so we can see what the memory usage is. They stated that the stats are updated daily so if I don't let you guys know by tonight, I'll post tomrrow.

    if its the same, we will get someone else to try. thanks to everyone that replied.

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