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    Exclamation [Read] PHP Programmer Needed

    We are in need of a PHP programmer to develop the backend of a pet site (like

    We will be paying up to $50 (USD).

    We are a group of young teens, so we'd like to keep costs low if possible. This would be a very good project to place in your portfolio. Also, we will be glad to put credit at the footer (PHP coding developed by yourname).

    Please contact me via PM or reply to thread, and I will get back to you.


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    Hey.. This is me.. owner.. Do you have MSN so we can contact you more efficiently?

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    Why not post more information on what you want done, and what would the site be, more information please would be useful.

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    We basically need the whole PHP part of the site. We are working on the register script/login.. but we need like the basic things that a pet site needs. auto-restock script.. mailing script.. someone to make forums.. etc..

    Then we have extras such as getting extra items.. and interactive type.. such as buying land.. etc..

    The site is about milk. The whole concept of this unique "pet site", is that it is like no other. The basic blueprint of the site is that you start out with 50k. You pay 30k to buy a regular cow that can supply 2% milk. You then buy the cow land so that it can produce more milk (more land = happier cow). Then, you can buy other types of cows such as a chocolate cow, and sell the chocolate milk for more money. Though, whenever you milk a cow, the milk that is fresh isn't pasteurized. So you must pasteurize that milk if you want more money. Thats the basic story.. our next idea (maybe), is moving into the city and doing other types of jobs.

    Get the idea? ^_^

    edit: Though, cows might not be a good idea for a pet site, it is also very educational to those kids and parents that do not want their children to visit sites that are un-educational to the eye just glancing at it.

    Plus, if the site does get more popular, soon, we will have sponsors, such as the got milk campaign and much much more.

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