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    *News* Guilty plea in Google IPO fraud case

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Dutch man pleaded guilty on Monday to duping investors into committing nearly $3 million for nonexistent shares of the Internet search engine company Google.

    Wow.. That guys definetly got a pair..
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    how could an investor fall for something like that

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    Because it's been waved about for so long, and hyped for so long (by market players) that people can get the impression that Google's IPO would magically bring the economy back to the peak of dotcom robustness, hence energizing global markets, making the investors stinky-rich (as the original investors in Yahoo et al), end hunger, cure all disease, and bring about world peace, as well as make fleecy lambs and fluffy bunnies go skipping o'er the greensward ho.

    Okay, perhaps not quite all that.

    But in certain quarters it has been given a huge ramp-up. People will go for things that they think will make them rather comfortably well off. It's an impulse that has to be tempered with a little common sense. In this case, apparently, it wasn't.
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