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    URGENT: Need To Tweak Invision Board

    I was recently asked by my host to tweak my forum because it's using a lot of memory. This is my first time using IPB and my site can be found at

    Please let me know anything that can be done to tweak the board and make it run better. This is urgent. Thank you for everyones help in advance.

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    are you on a dedicated server?

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    Unfortunatly, Invision boards are often very resource intensive, and are hard to keep running. I would look for another board, the smartest is to go with vBulletin (, which will cost you some money.

    The only thing you can do is limit the boards, and make it less graphic intensive..

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    I run 4 IPB forums and have never had any resource problems, if anything you should try repairing/optimising your MySQL database to clean it up.

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    No problems with IPB here either. You have only ever had 58 people online at once? How can that be resource intensive? I run 150+ users on a shared server and never have any issues. 733 web sites on the same server might be affecting resources on your server.

    I know isn't always accurate, but I'm sure that isn't far off.

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    IPB use about 400kb per page view, how can this be memory intensive? o.O

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