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    advertising on my site $20 bucks

    well i am looking for ppl would would like to advertise on my site. i cant say i get alot of ppl but i am growing and more and more ppl are seeing my site as i am moving up on google. but i am goin to give 2 months for 20 bucks for all the impressions you can get. i have 5 spots open for 20 bucks for 2 months i will make it 2 months cause that will make it more far. my site is i currently have 45 members. and i there is a new member everyday about. and a bunch of guests. so far this month i have had 236 Unique visitors. if you want more info about this i will be glad to post more info.

    p.s. i mite even extend this to 3 months but i will have to see how the 2 months go thanks for reading

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    i will also except offers for static links on programming forums on the portal and/or on the forum index and maybe even at the bottom of everypage. im not sure if i want to do that at the moment but i mite consider it
    pm me or reply here thanks. o and my site has a pr of 4

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    Just a thought, maybe you should try to attract advertisers after you've ran the forum for a few months and you have a better idea of what your stats will be like.

    Unless somebody is feeling especially generous, I'm not quite sure they would invest money into something that has just started.

    Just a suggestion.
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    ok i know that i am expecting alot for only 2 months so how about i give you 6 months of advertising. so it would be up on the site till Nov. i figure that seems more fair let me know what you think

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    maybe lowering the price would be a better idea rather than longer term. Who knows if your site would be online after say 2 months?
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    o it will be up cause i have payed for a year of hosting already so i know it wont be goin down till next year april for sure. but it will mostlikely be up for a long time to come cause this is my baby and i will see it grow. but yeah so dont worry about the site not being up for the 6 months. cause it will. but i will think about lowering it to 15 and maybe even 10 but i would like to atleast get 15. i am a broke college student looking to get advertisors so i can afford to advertise. i need the money so i can put my site out more then it is.

    ok and since i have already taken an offer for static links for 2 dollars a month for a static link on the portal page and on the bottom of the forum. i am working on getting the spot on the bottom of the forums set up for a sponsored section but i should have it up and goin before to long today

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    ok well i will jst take offers for advertising then. i dont care what the offer is i will probably take it as long as its not free so pm me an offer and we will discuss the deal

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