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    Simple dedicated

    Hi all,

    we run a small interactive design agency in UK, London. Most of our clients have very basic needs, but would like us to provide a full service, including hosting. Sites are not very demanding, they usually employ a MySQL database, queried using PHP, with a content management syste, No mission critical business, although realibility is important.

    At present we have about 5/6 site we hosts in various servers, we'd like to get it more consistent and get a dedicated machine. I personally like Plesk. Probably, over the next 2 or 3 years the number of sites will grow to 20 or 30, with average of 10,000 hits/months each.

    I've been reseraching extensively these forums, which I find very helpful and I thank all of you for sharing your experience. I wonder what would you recommend me to do, whether to go with a cheaper option like server4you or invest in the future and joing ev1 or servermatrix (with ev1 having much better ping values from UK). The difference in price is, as you know, quite high.

    Best regards, Cristiano
    keepthinking ltd

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    take a look at the With plesk and managed solution is ok with small fee.

    But I will propaply get a VPS with a Plesk since you like plesk with daily backup i tyhing I c it at

    good luck

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    one&one is no good. I tried to get a server with them about three months ago, it took them 15 days to give me a reply, plus about 10 redundant email from different people answering my questions with totally different answers. The bandwidth is also increadibly expensive.

    Thanks for your reply, but I'd like to hear some more.


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    2,760 offers reasonably priced servers located in the UK. Their latest deals can be found at .


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