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    Access Root For Ftp Error


    before it could enter by FTP like root and see all the users and sites, but for days I have not been able to enter like root the FTP, as I can solve it or verify?


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    Sorry, but could you restate your question more clearly?

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    before access like root to FTP and all correct one

    now I connect as root to the FTP of my server and I cannot, is as if login did not exist

    that it happens? as I solve it?


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    not sure why you would want to connect to FTP using root, i would really recommend using SFTP or SCP

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    you have to go /etc/ftpuser (or ftpusers) check it and inside remove the root . Then you will be able to login via ftp with root .
    but better do not do it... root access via ftp is a security risk i thing.

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    Yes, it is a security risk, you want your root password encrypted via SSH2, which is about the same as a 128bit SSL cert.

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