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    New Person to Renting Dedicated server whats one do? with costs...

    Hi IM DW now sounds like run servers all my life with name like that but no im dedicated in getting the best

    I run game called ro 100% legal but downside is I want run on a fast connection of course my cable does not count so now Im stuck buying dedicated server... Well learning experince... But is the cheapest usally like 200+? I mean I seen ait managed on the forums but all I seen was worse servers on earth was like ww3 lol... I mean what should I do...

    See server I would need is a 2.0ghz+ thinkign like 2.4-2.8 and 1tb transfer and like any kinda harddrive as logn not like 5200rpm lol and like fast connection hehe... But I find prices chnage to much and evrything am I allowed ask for a recommended server could get me cheap if not just ignore this part... Just wanted spend about 60us dollers maybe help out advertise who knows heheh...

    But anyways im running free game server should I try also make some cash with this server in ways maybe like guild hosting whats some ideas what I should be doing also thanks so much...

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    For a server of those specs exspect to pay around $100 Month. For $60 Month exspect to get maybe a 2Ghz Celeron or so.

    If you are a part or a clan or somthing that will be using this server try and get them to pitch in to cover costs.

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