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    Help With Mod Security Rules

    I have been setting up mod_security lately trying to make it work and so far so good except these two rules

    SecFilter "delete[[pace:]]+from"
    SecFilter "insert[[pace:]]+into"

    I have a site on my server that runs a php scripting site, they share php code, etc with each other, whenever they try to send any php code through pms now via the forums it gives them an mod_security error message, I then go in the logs and look for what is breaking it and it was SecFilter "insert[[pace:]]+into", is there any way to tweak that rule to allow that site only to run without it. Btw those rules are for mysql injection attacks, also if you guys have any other rules for mysql injection attacks please post them thanks.

    Hopefully that made some sense if it didn't please forgive me I'm running on 2 hours of sleep and a 101 * Fever
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    Apply the same concept / logic that is used on image upload example at the end of the page.

    Thank you.
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