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    I have been researching before opening up an account with them and moving some of my hosting accounts off my current dedicated server to them (I really want to split stuff up some, but just don't have the income for another dedicated server right now). It looks like several months ago they had some troubles but a few posts by customers hint that they fixed them and posts by bestreseller employees indicate that they were in the process of fixing the issues. Any current customers care to comment? Preferably customers who had been with them for at least a couple months, but any comments are welcome.

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    I wouldnt go with them if you paid me too...

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    Originally posted by Rogean
    I wouldnt go with them if you paid me too...
    Care to provide any specifics? Were you a customer? During what time period? What exactly happened? etc. I'd like to make my decision off of as much info as possible.

    I know there are other resellers with good reputations, but with their pricing, I'm not quite sure how I would turn a profit. I'd really have to cut back my packages as far as disk space and bandwidth or oversell to turn much of a profit with the pricing of other reseller accounts I have looked at and I don't consider myself much of a budget host as it is (perhaps on the higher end of budget hosts).

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    I move out from them.

    Such service

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    STAY AWAYYYYYYYYY they are evil

    i was with them months ago cuz i need a quick reseller package.

    Chose them, even signups have problems...takes ages to get response from them...they are really immature with answering questions aswell.....anways...they kept charging me after cancelling my account. They did pay it back 4 months later.

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    Hrrm. Not looking good. Pretty much the responses I was expecting with their much lower than usual pricing, but figured I'd check into it.

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    like everyone here suggested beware!

    if you want a reseller checkout interland's or

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