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    Thumbs up Gyron Internet, early review

    To set the scene, a few weeks ago I was looking for a UK-located server to host an open source project and related services for its developers. A VPS was out of the question due to the high CPU demands of source control daemons, and US location would have undesirable due to the physical location of the system administrators. Rackspace was my primary choice, but I was disappointed with the level of interest they took in my business; in fact, they never even got back to me with a quote after the initial conversation.

    Instead I decided to take a gamble and given Gyron Internet a try. Their reasonable prices (not too high, but equally importantly not too low) attracted me initially, so I dropped an email to their sales team to discuss a potential deal. A very comprehensive and helpful reply within half an hour got me interested further; a responsive sales team doesn't necessarily imply a responsive support team, but it's a good start.

    Robin was very flexible in agreeing on a custom server configuration which would suit my needs, and we'd soon knocked out a deal. The server would take about a week to set up after the first payment was made, as each server was custom built to specification and needed testing and shipping; that's fine by me, and I was kept very well informed throughout the week on the progress of my order. None of those deadlines that seem to keep edging backwards every day, Robin's estimates for setup time were spot on.

    My server was setup and ready to go on Saturday morning. A brief investigation after login showed everything was set up correctly (right hardware, right software), and even my request for a capped 10Mbps line was set up correctly. I requested this to reduce the bandwidth damage that could be done by a DoS attack; not only was it set up but I was even assured that I could switch to a 100Mbps cap in the future at no cost if I decided the need for extra bandwidth outweighed my original concerns.

    Any concerns that support wouldn't be as fast as sales were soon diminished, as each of my questions were answered quickly and usefully. Even late on a Sunday evening I had a swift reply to a (not particularly time critical) question, and the response to this I put in at about 5:30am today was replied to by 10:30am. Good stuff!

    Initial impressions of the network look very good; no problems pulling/pushing right to the 10Mbps cap, pings look very good around London. Over the next few months I'll be able to assess how well the global connectivity performs, and maybe follow up with a network stability report later in the year. In the mean time, I'm a happy bunny.

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    Glad to hear that you're happy so far! It's always nice to get feedback from customers. Look forward to seeing what you have to say in a few months
    Robin Balen
    Gyron Internet Ltd -
    UK colocation, managed hosting and connectivity services with 100% uptime SLAs

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    Thumbs up new gyron customer as well

    Just setting up with gyron after a long time looking at the market.

    First impressions very good - put up with endless questions and procrastinations from us (we tend to be very cautious) and every query answered honestly and very quickly.

    Now we are signing up and in the hands of tech rather than sales the response time is just as good and they seem open and honest and happy to work with us to get the best result.

    We are paying a little more but so far still seems like good value, long may it continue to do so

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