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Thread: Forum Appraisal

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    Forum Appraisal

    I have been running a private forum past 7 months with a partner which is growing rapidly. Well, recently we have been receiving increase interest from parties interested in acquiring it.

    Here are the stats:

    342 Members
    13897 Posts

    Currently, we make about $1,000 from the forum ads.

    My question: what would be your pricetag for it based on the information above?

    Should we decide to sell it, it will be a complete sell and I will play no official role(either as a moderator or owner).

    Our last 30 day post average is about 70 posts/day and the community as a whole is very close knit.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

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    is that $1000 after server cost cause the general rule of thumb is the anual profit of a biz so if you actully made $1200 and had to spend $200 of it a month on a server then you should consider a sales price around $12,000
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