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    plesk + SA not retagging subject

    I have plesk 7 running just great with the SA addon for spam. It sees the spam just fine but does not re-tag the subject to *** SPAM ***

    I have SA running fine on other servers that don't run plesk. Here is my file

    # How many hits before a message is considered spam.
    required_hits           5.5
    # Whether to change the subject of suspected spam
    rewrite_subject         1
    # Text to prepend to subject if rewrite_subject is used
    subject_tag             *****SPAM*****
    # Encapsulate spam in an attachment
    report_safe             1
    # Use terse version of the spam report
    use_terse_report        0
    # Enable the Bayes system
    use_bayes               1
    thats in my /etc/mail/spamassassin/


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    i fixed it. you have to change the *** SPAM *** to something else and it'll work.. you can then change it back to work.. must be a bug in the SA addon with plesk

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