Hey guys,

We are extremely proud to offer this exclusive 1st peek at our newest service offering. What we have implemented is a 1st in the web hosting industry and we're currently giving you the option to receive this service FREE with any colocation package from 5Mbit up!

What is Passive vulnerability scanning i hear you ask, well thats a great question! As many of you know the security of your servers is constantly changing, as such your security information was only as good as your last security scan, this is not the case anymore! We can offer you a real time access to vulnerability data on your hosts WITHOUT needing to scan or connect to them. This passive approach to vulnerability scanning your hosts ensures you do not need to disrupt your production servers with noisy, potentially damaging active scans.

What else do you get?

Free Syslog correlation! Free IDS Correlation! We will run the IDS at a network level so there is no need to increase your server load. You also get the benefit of having our great staff push out recommendation when they see a problem or an alert destined to your server. Depending on the alert if you authorize us to take mitigation steps we can do that too.

IDS and Vulnerability data combine to make a great targeted IDS, the back-end algorithm calculates if the attack destined to your server is a legitimate risk, if the risk is legitimate then the alert level of the even is elevated. Basically you don't care if someone throws an IIS exploit at your Unix server so why should you get paged about it right? Well you shouldn't and you wont with our system!

Our web based system allows you to view IDS events events, Schedule and run your own Active vulnerability scans and review the results as well.

We have some great colocation deals to go along with this service.

up to 5Mbit $130/Mbit Setup $100
Up to 10Megs $120/Meg Setup $100

Rack space is charged at a rate $50/RU of space.

Higher commits available please contact me for a custom quote.