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    * Cpanel, Ensim, Plesk? Which one?


    Well i've been fooling around with which control panel to go with on my server. Price really doesnt matter at this point. Im looking for scalability, maximum amount of features, constant updates, and of course speed.

    Ive always used cPanel as a reseller in the past so im quite used to it and i prefer it, but im curious as to what others think about which control panel is the best, and what is the most requested by web hosting users seeking web hosts.

    If anyone has any useful info, please reply.



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    Most people love cPanel due to the incredible number of features present. However, the latest version of Plesk is very appealing - so go look at it if you haven't already

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    Well, I've already made up my mind.

    Im going to go with cpanel because they are the only ones that will support a x86 64bit processor and will run in 64 bit mode.

    I called Plesk and they said that they dont expect to be releasing a 64 bit version for quite a while.

    CPanel is my preferred cp, I just wanted to see what others thought. If there was other CP's out there that could run in 64 bit mode, I would probably give them a second thought.


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    1) Cpanel
    2) Plesk
    3) Ensim

    for me

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    Cpanel is the best.

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    Well, although I've never used CPanel, I have been on these forums for years -- I've seen the dozens of security holes come out -- I've seen maybe 100+ systems running cpanel (and updated on the official patches) get run over because of the security holes (only cpanel) contains.

    You may like the features, and you probably like the pretty look, but security should be your number one priority, as your customer's information and data should be the most important thing to your business -- as you staying in business relies on it.

    I recommend you take a second look at Ensim. From my experience with them, and the community surrounding them, they have a nearly unmatched security priority.

    I only say nearly unmatched because of my use of H-Sphere, which I stopped using because I wasn't impressed with the product otherwise, but holds security as a priority beyond any other control panel I've seen.

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