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    Question Resource to gain info on running server

    Hello all.
    could someone point me to a good online resource which deals with how to run a webserver?
    Something which covers what processes should and shouldn't be running, what to look out for, explaining all the jargon etc please.
    I'm running apache software on my server which is an Intel P4 2.66GHZ CPU c/w 1024 MB's DDR RAM (if that makes a difference)

    doh, i think i might have just answered my own question, is the apache website going to be the best place?

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    It's a place to start, but even if they would cover all the aspects of tuning apache, your system doen not run apache alone. It has a file system, a kernel, a tcp stack, all tunable. - Unix Administration, Security and Support.
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    You can visit if you are looking for good hosting resource.
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