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    Protect IIS web question


    I have the situation on IIS web where I have one folder with "confidential" data, and I want username and password on that.
    I solved that with users and access rights on the folder. But now I have the same request for the different web site on the same machine. Everything went ok, untill I got the request for the same username on both web sites (and now I am getting more of those). Is there a possibility to somehow have 2 same usernames with the different passwords?

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    Unforunately you cannot have the same username. Try usinf another name or prefix the names with something that identifies them to the site.

    You can achieve this though by using an access or any other database and writing an ASP script that protects a folder.

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    Hello and thanks for help.

    Is there a way to do this without real users. I had users in the .htaccess file on Apache before, and I think those users I did not have to have as real users. I tried to copy my old .htaccess files but they do not seem to work with IIS. Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

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    .htaccess files do not work with IIS. That's why I suggested to use an ASP script with an Access or SQL database. May be this article would help you proceed further and achieve a solution:

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    Why dont you try IISPassword, its free and works great.

    Latest HELM has integration with it.

    have a search in google for IISPassword

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    Thank you MaxKnight for your reply.
    Thank you Catastrope for IISPassword - this is exctly the thing I needed.
    Cheers to you.

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    Hey, that is a nice utility, but once i got it installed and IIS restarted all my website were showing "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE" or something?

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    Are all the sites in a STOP state? What happens when you restart the IIS services from the command prompt using NET STOP and NET START commands?

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    Originally posted by Charly277
    Hey, that is a nice utility, but once i got it installed and IIS restarted all my website were showing "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE" or something?
    Hello everyone,

    The behavior of IISPassword that you have experienced is well known, and will be fixed in the following build which will be released, as the beta, during this week.
    This behavior is caused by IIS not being able to load our ISAPI filter IISPasswordFilter.dll, usually located at:
    C:\Program Files\Troxo\IISPassword\IISPasswordFilter.dll .
    IIS on your server is most probably ran as NETWORK_SERVICE user, but this user can not access ISAPI dll.

    The solution is:
    allow user NETWORK_SERVICE (and other application pools users) read and execute access to the C:\Program Files\Troxo\IISPassword.

    In the following build, we will solve this issue by installing the filter in the %windir%\system32\inetsrv which is usually accessible by the NETWORK_SERVICE.

    Lot of answers about IISPassword may be found at Helm's forum:

    We hope that this has been helpful.

    Troxo Web Team

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