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    Visual Basic worth learning?

    Hello. My school has decided to offer us VHS courses starting next year and I'm looking forward to it.

    Currently, one of my top choices for the semester I will be taking it in is related to Visual Basic 6.0.
    I've always wondered how each of these programs were created and I believe Visual Basic can help me learn gradually.

    The two VB courses avaliable are..

    Visual Basic 6.0


    Visual Basic: A Visual Introduction

    I'm currently deciding which one of these are best suitable for me as from my perspective, I feel that they are practically the same thing just the description wording is different.

    I have never learned VB before so I'm really looking forward to this opportunity.

    The site says I can get a free VB program on, but is it a good one to use? Maybe there's a better program?

    Any comments, suggestions are most welcome.

    Thank you.

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    If you can try to get the classes to change to .NET or C#

    It'll be worth more than a VB class in the future
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    If you're just thinking of learning programming, then I would actually suggest that you start out with PHP or Python, then go on to C, C++ or Java, and later branch out into other languages.
    For PHP especially, knowing HTML/XHTML would be very useful.

    Though since there are courses available to you, you could also go by such an alternative route.
    From the description, the "Visual Basic: A Visual Introduction" course seems better as a proactive learning environment seems to be what the instructor has in mind.
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