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    Arrow Free 1k impressions on a Web Based MMORPG.

    PhantasyRPG is now completely setup with an ad management program, and we will be offering 1,000 impressions of your 480x60 banner completely free.

    PhantasyRPG is a Web Based MMORPG with over 2000 unique members. We get around 1.2 million impressions a month, and feature your 480x60 banner at the top of the page.

    Please excuse the banners at the bottom of the site. They are temporarily there to test out the effectiveness of some CPM programs.

    Ok, like I said we will offer you 1,000 free impressions at our site. If you like we can spread this over a week, or you can use them quickly in one day.

    After you have used our services, and if you wish to continue advertising with us, these are our rates.

    $.25 CPM
    Minimum $5 purchase via Paypal

    To start advertising your banner today, either post or pm me. We will need your banner URL and your site URL. After that we will setup your account, and send you your login information to view the status of your banner.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    -Chris Tyler
    pRPG Marketing

    Forgot to mention alittle demographic statistics.
    73% Male - 25% Female - 2% NoReply
    Target audience age range 16-40.

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    Hi Chris,

    You cant get PMs yet.. so:

    Can the banner be run by a single line of JS?
    We have a built in banner rotatortracker.

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    banner ads only..what about txt ads?

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    Hey. I would like this. If you could use the banner here, . All you would have to do is put a link around it to . Maybe we can talk about this in AIM?

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    I have an 88/31 button I would love to be there.
    If all works out, I will purchase your services.

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    Nice offer.


    If you could spread it over a week, that would be nice.

    - Keith

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