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  1. Thumbs up News about Host4Me !


    Host4Me is selling there company to another hosting company.
    I think this is good news because worse then now isn't possible.

    Originally posted by noreply[at]host4me[dot]net
    Hello *****,
    If you have had problems getting support from Host4Me, the reason is that we are selling the company to another hosting company that can better take care of the customers of Host4Me.

    This decision was made by the board members of Host4Me earlier yesterday. The sale will be made just as soon as we can finallize a deal with one of the companies interested in purchasing Host4Me.

    If you have any questions, please email contact[at]host4me[dot]net and allow at least 24-48 hours for a response simply becuase we are laying off many employees due to the sale of Host4Me.

    Also, if you have called 1-800-856-7020 lately, you will notice that the number was disconnected. This is also in part of the sale. If you need to call Host4Me, call 1-240-277-1949 (EXTREME WAIT TIMES).

    Daniel Rainwater
    President / CEO
    Host4Me Web Services

    ***This email is not spam. Since you are a customer of Host4Me, you are required to receive these emails. If you have questions, email webmaster[at]host4me[dot]net.
    The reseller server is still down, but I think it will be up soon.

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    It should improve with "new owners".

  3. I don't know, I hope it should be better then now..
    I've hosted some clients on there reseller server.

  4. Too bad, the reseller server is still down!

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    It's been almost a week... I hope you moved you clients out of there...

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    The website still doesn't look so promising.

    They claim all of the Shared Hosting packages are out of stock..... - We Fly Above The Competition™
    The Industry Leader In Cloud Web Hosting

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    hi [email protected], i think you may better start to look for new host!

    take care


  8. Host4Me has promised to give a refund to all the customers if they want.

    I've requested the refund yesterday. I've already stopped my PayPal subscription to Host4Me.

    Too bad, Host4Me cannot give the quality which they promise.
    We now this of course all much longer, but I'm finally away from them.

    Please, don't let you tempting! Host4Me = scam, it's a fact!

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    Do you know whos actually buying the company?
    Anyone reputable?
    Sang P. Ma
    President/VizHost.Com, Inc.

  10. No, I don't..
    They haven't given more information to us.
    Or is it one big lie?

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    Don't hold your breath with

    I used their "procedure" to get a refund, and was told I would receive it in 4-5 days. That was in February 2004. I am still waiting. The selling of the service email was nothing more than another stall tactic. I have said all along that is nothing more than a kid running it out of his parents house. I really enjoy the emails talking about the "decision of the board of directors". is a scam. The person that runs is indeed a criminal. This is an absolute fact. Anyone who disputes this is welcome to email me for proof that has stolen my $50.00.

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    I originally posted this on another thread ..... here is my copy and paste ........

    They scammed me too. I notified PayPal.

    My advice is to notify PayPal and include the transaction ID that you sent money.

    Here is the email I wrote to them (I used "Report Abuse" option in Help)

    This is my dispute transaction ID: 3RX61139A44374016 - the owner of this site is a scam.

    This person has stole literally thousands of dollars from people using your services. eBay has cancelled both of his accounts and there are numerous complaints on the web from the people he has stolen money from.

    I think PayPal has an obligation to remove his account and notify the appropriate authorities.

    His account was VERIFIED when I sent the money. Which means he has credit card information and correct address information ON FILE WITH PAYPAL!!!! This is very important because they have the information to send him to jail.

  13. FotoTrust, I've requested the refund too as said, but have not 1 penny received... isn't a hosting site anymore, only a standard index page.

    But ok, Host4me is scam, I don't have to say that a second time...

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