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    what are the best ways of advertising (maybe paid or not)?

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    If you are low on cash, try starting with free hosting. Start by getting your site listed in the search engine. Then maybe try hosting directories, etc. and forums. For example, webhostingtalk has an advertising forum. That i a good place to advertise.

    Paid hosting sticks your ad up for people to see for a certain period of time. Advertise with yahoo or some big corporation for better results

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    Hello there,

    Paid Advertising

    From experience, I have paid for banner advertising on other's site, and depending on the amount of traffic, which that site receives, it should generate a nice amount of visitors if the banner stands out and grabs the viewers attention.

    You may also considering joining banner exchange programs, which if you find a good one, will bring alot of visitors to your site.

    Free Advertising

    Yet again, from experience I have affiliated with another site, meaning you exchange each other's banners on your site, so both of you generate visitors to your sites. You could also use a button option, which is a small 88x31 image that is yet again placed on both sites generating visitors.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Paid advertising will help you get better leads and customers who would stay longer with you provided you offer great customer support. It will also allow you to see where your clients are coming from (help to evaluate where you get your best ROI)

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    Re: Advertising

    Originally posted by cygnus
    what are the best ways of advertising (maybe paid or not)?
    You may have already done this, but do a search here on "advertising" and you spend the next day or two running through the relevant posts. Pay particular attention to the posts of some of the hosts you know have been successful, and you will learn a considerable amount about successful advertising.

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    Participating in forums, preferably other than this one, with a well written signature can help a whole lot. As far as paid.. Google, ISPCheck..
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