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    Template still for sale


    I still got this quality template for sale. This time with a lower price, but this is the lowest i'm ever gonna give on this template. It's high quality and i spent lots of time making it.

    Start price: 300$
    Buyout price: 600.

    No lower price accepted.

    You get psd, free customization, logo replacement (you can also purchase logo from me with extra fee).

    my portfolio is located at:

    You can read more about each design at the bottom of the portfolio website.

    I can also do and manage work from scratch as long as the buyer is serious, reasonable with the price and willing to wait about about business weeks of work.

    Logo costs from 50$ and up.

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    Nice work Simon - Good luck with the sale.

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    thanks martin,

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    Hello there,

    A very nice design, well done. Are you sure you won't go any lower, I am very interested in purchasing this design, however not quite ready to spend $300+ yet. Are you on AIM or MSN so we can discuss this issue futher?

    Please let me know via PM.

    Thank you and good luck with sales.

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    I added you to my AIM.. so we can discuss furthere there

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    template is still up for sales! Adwatcher chose another designer..

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    template is sold! Please close the thread

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