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    Exclamation GB News :: Police foil 40 Million [gold and other precious metals] robbery attempt.

    Article extract >>

    A 40m gold robbery at Heathrow Airport has been thwarted by police.

    Some 100 police officers, many of them armed, carried out the swoop this morning on a warehouse in Heathrow they had been staking out.

    A white transit van smashed through the outer door of the building and eight men, armed with guns and knives, jumped out and threatened staff.

    Two of the would-be robbers escaped by hijacking a nearby van.

    The driver was later found unharmed.

    It is thought the warehouse was holding gold, or precious metals and cash.

    End extract <<

    For more info ::,00.html

    good work, especially after some of the recent gold thefts from Heathrow Airport, i've heard that they were following this gang for many many months, once the Police have this kind of intel it is usually very unlikely that any of these plots succeed, reminds me a bit of the Millennium Dome diamond plot.

    Opinions?? Comments??

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    Yep I heard.

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    If the guys were stupid enough not to get away with it
    I wonder if anyone took a video of this, it would've been funny
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    oceans 12 anyone?
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