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    Best Web Designers??


    I'm having a bit of trouble tracking down a decent web designer. I guess what I'm after is anyone you guys/gals know that does good work. I've been through the offers and requests area here backwards and forwards, and, no offense to the posters, really haven't seen the sort of thing I'm after. I'm well aware of, ceonex, thechoppingblock, and myriad of other 20,000 dollar+ companies, which are all a tad above what I'd like to spend (you get the luxury of paying for their Aeron chairs when you use a design haus). I'm looking for a person that does this well, not a design shop (a person running a design shop by him/her self is fine with me).

    So who is the best designer you know? How much do they cost? Have you used them in the past? Do they also do Flash?

    Thanks in advance!

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    This really depends on your budget. For web design, I would have to recommend . They are an 18 man design firm that does phenomenal work at competitative prices. You can see their portfolio at . If you decided to go with them, tell Chris at ActiveUnit that Joseph at Citizen Hosting Company referred you. You should get a discount.
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    you can buy a template and get it tuned at


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    ActiveUnit's price range depends on the project, but it can be anywhere from $800 to $2,500. We use their services a lot. They include a cms backend for web sites that allow you to dynamically change content, add web pages, view stats, and view other information There proprietary cms system is search engine friendly. I personally think there designs are better than ceonex
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    Thank you both for the responses!

    Does anyone else have a suggestion or two?
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