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    Thumbs up [Need work] ** Looking for experience - no pay **

    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking for some home-based work purely for experience as I have LOTS of time to spare, I don't require any money for my work (I wouldn't turn any down ) although I wouldn't mind something for my time such as free hosting or web space etc but we can discuss this if you decide to hire me.

    So what can I do?:

    * Linux/BSD setup + maintenance
    ` firewalls (iptables, ipchains)
    ` encryption (gpg, tunneling, SSL/TLS, hd/partition crypto)
    ` scripting (BASH, TCL/TK)
    ` security (Tripwire, chrootkit, syslog auditing, integrity checking)
    ` general installation (compiling and installing software properly)
    ` software raid (RAID-0 ... RAID-5, LVM(2))
    ` partitioning (reiserfs, ext2, ext3, xfs etc)

    * Setting up and securing MANY internet daemons (servers):
    ` I've listed my preferred software in brackets:
    ` FTP (proftpd), HTTP (apache), NFS, SSH, game servers, POP3 (mail), IRC (unrealircd) etc

    * Lots of other useful Linux/BSD stuff:
    ` QoS (quality of service for managing IP traffic)
    ` TCP/UDP tweaking (for max throughput)
    ` Packet masquerading and general traffic filtering

    * Setup+Secure+Maintain IRC networks and game servers
    ` I am very experienced in both of these areas, I've setup several private IRC networks with encryption and services using the UnrealIRCd package.

    I am most experienced with slackware, debian, gentoo, redhat linux and freebsd, as you can see above I can easily setup a server from scratch and maintain it. I can also customize servers for use by the average joe (security and scripts for compiling eggdrops+psyBNCs. listing vhosts etc etc) and making their service easier to use.

    I can pretty much lock down a server as tight as a drum without comprimising usability.

    I would feel most at home working with a shell hosting company as I've worked at a few before but anything involving Linux or FreeBSD and I'm interested, no matter what it is. I'm a very fast learner and have good logic skills so I could handle pretty much anything you threw at me (I'm a bit of a linux nerd, I even use it as my desktop OS ).

    I could also work as a tech support guy, sitting on IRC or behind an email address answering customer queries, I have a polite and friendly attitude and most important of all; I'm very patient

    As i've said before, I'm not too fussed about getting paid with money although I would like something in return for my time (free accounts etc).

    Sorry that was a bit long winded hehe
    Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon!

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    Hello there,

    I have added you on MSN, hope to speak to you shortly.

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    hey contact me, i think i could help u and u culd help me! contact me!

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    Hey J0hn_R i wana be able to the same sort of stuff i know basic bash and i can program in gambas so can u help me to be as good as u if anyone wants me to upgrade or update there srever or fix basic problem s i should be able to so if J0hn_R is busy contact me on msnm at BlessHashem ( - at - ) (i thing u know what ur ment to do here) and i am changing it to msn ( - at -) soon

    BTW J0hn_R i added u to msnm

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