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    Question Customizing Plesk for Clients

    I'm currently running Plesk7, and I'd like to customize it a little for the non-technical user.

    In particular, right now when a client logs in, he sees a whole lot of buttons (e.g. Mail, Mailing Lists, DNS, Databases, etc.). Many of these are important buttons (e.g. Mail, File Manager, Subdomains), but a lot of them are, at least in my case, totally unnecessary for the purposes of my client (e.g. Tomcat, FP-WebAdmin).

    Has anyone had any experience (or maybe some ideas) about whether Plesk can be customized so that I as the administrator can see all the buttons and can access everything, but my clients and domain users see only a limited assortment of buttons that I choose? tells me this can't be done, but I'm sure it can be done somehow. Any ideas on this?


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