Dedicated Servers and Colocation in Dallas, TX (Colo4Dallas Datacenter). This offer is by Rapid Grid ::

>>>>>>Dedicated Servers<<<<<<

*******SERVER 1********

DELL PowerEdge P4 2.8 Ghz (800 Mhz FSB!!), 512 MB ram, 40 GB hdd.
-Only 2 Available
*P4 2.8 Ghz can do Hyperthreading!
*Ram is Fast 333 Mhz!
*Red Hat Linux 9 OS
*Redundant BGP bandwidth from Level3 and Yipes (Level3 is the primary provider!) VERY Good ping times.

Costs According to Bandwidth Plan:

Cost for 3 Mbps (~1000 GB):
$135/m, Free Setup
Cost for 5 Mbps (~1500 GB):
$165/m, Free Setup
Cost for 10 Mbps Unmetered:
$325/m, Free Setup

All Servers Include:
-5 Free IPs
-Free Reboots
-Free control panel installs
-burstable to 10 Mbps

Ping Test IP:
Bandwidth: Level 3 and Yipes (Redundant).
Uptime Guarantee: 100% network uptime SLA
Location: Dallas, TX (Colo4Dallas Datacenter)

80 GB hdd $79 one-time fee
512 MB ram $49 one-time fee
cPanel/WHM license $45/m, Free installation
Extra Bandwidth: $70/m per Mbps
Extra IPs $2 / ip
OS Reinstalls: $25 per OS reinstall


Colocation for Single Servers (rack or tower):
$49/m (includes 1 Mbps bandwidth ~ 300 GB)


Please email me if you have any questions ([email protected]) and I shall respond as fast as possible!
AIM: saifullah77