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    Question another mailman Issue

    Can I just ask a question about mailman, a part of cpanel ?

    I have changed from resellerprovider to provider All accounts have been transferred through the backup/restore function in cpanel.

    When I now ask for a mailinglist with my new provider it seems that in the interface of mailman still refers to the server of the old provider. In the interface of mailman I do not see a place where I can modify this. Also the new provider does not know where I can change this.

    Does any one have a clue how and where this path can be adjusted in such a way that the links refer to the server of my new provider ?

    I will be grateful for ever.

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    Your provider can mark "Add the mail. prefix for mailman urls (ie" under tweak setting in WHM, or correct the dns for to point to the new server. - Unix Administration, Security and Support.
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