Over the last few weeks, I have been able to unearth a lot of free time. I would like to use this time to do creative work; and help in areas of Marketing/Promotion/eCommerce.

I have been involved in the fields of online promotion/marketing/revenue generation/eCommerce since 2001. In this time, I have been a patient learner; and now possess in-depth knowledge on how to make a website run successfully. I have been involved with various sites, which have added to my experience.

Currently, I am Marketing Managers of 2 software companies. A small company which has witnessed a 400% growth since I joined (And 300% traffic rise of their flagship site), way back in 2002. And the other, a emerging bulletin board software producer.

I am willing to offer my services to websites and organisations. I specialise in:

1) Marketing Analysis/Strategy Development. This is my forte. Combined with opinion, ideas and research; I can establish a perfect strategy which would lead to maximum benefits and profits for your organisation in the future. Some of my simple ideas may be worth thousands of dollars.

2) Promotion of your site on a given budget. This is through various techinques, from banner advertising to PPC engines (like Adwords) to search engine optimisation. Through my experience and contacts, I can assure best return on investment.

3) Search Engine Optimisation: Just a few simple modifications can make a wealth of difference. Don't get fooled by those firms which guarantee top placements for irrelevant keywords.

4) Consultancy on revenue generation streams and ideas; as well as Profit Maximisation. This is related to (1). I would contributing ideas and suggestions (as well as accomplishing them) which would help maximise your revenues.

5) Sales Staff Management. I have seen web hosts hiring tons of sales staff. Sometimes, this can get out of hand, and an intermediary has to be hired; someone the sales staff can be in touch with on a daily basis. Having worked in a similar environment, I will be able to execute this function.

6) Financial Reporting. (Mainly book-keeping and accounting). A very important part of a business, often overlooked. I can process detailed statistics (down to average worth per visitor) which will give you a detailed idea on how your site is performing.

Incidentally, having run a successful web hosting business from late-2002 till March 2004, I am very much accustomed to the web hosting industry. I am capable of server management, technical support, and all day to day management issues of web hosting companies. I can contribute in this area too. It also means that I will be especially good at marketing a web host.

All fees are negotiable. Generally, I am willing to work for as low as $50! I am also interested in non-monetary compensation (basically, offering my services free of cost) in terms of partnership or other incentives.

In case my services lead to a failure, I would be willing to offer your money back, no questions asked.

If you are interested in my services, please feel free to e-mail me at subhadip {at} bbv2dotcom or PM me.

Thanking You,
Best Regards
Subhadip Sen