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    Talking killed 99.9999% of my spam and viruses instantly

    I saw the debate/thread raging about spews and spamhaus and used to worry about this stuff but found a way to kill all of my spam instantly. NOTHING slips through (well perhaps 1 per month) and I never miss emails from friends and I never get any viruses from email addys pretending to be a friend...nothing, nada, zip...

    the ONLY emails I get are from friends who intentionally sent me a letter or attachment; every single other bit of mail sits in my trash bin waiting for an automatic delete... I browse it once in a great while to see if something I was supposed to get is in there; never misses. Every single bit of email a friend or associate sent me lands in my inbox. Every single bit of trash goes there: I never see it.

    I never had to download anything or sign up for any service. I've written huge filter/reply bots and I don't even use them anymore for my personal mail (yes, the biz mail still uses that thingy).

    How? What? Who? Easy.

    My personal mail is a yahoo account (go ahead, douche me with your ad) and I send every bit of mail that lacks my name in the subject or body straight to the trash. That just about solves that and all my friends and associates know they have to write Dear (my name) for me to get their mail. They never forget and it keeps thing so polite, so professional, so...British (wink)...

    I told a few clients to do this and they love it: zero spam damage now.

    So, if you want to end the spam debates for yourself, set up a filter, any filter that is easy for friends to use (like Hi Surfer!...whatever) and send everything that doesn't pass that test straight to the trash. It helps to set up an autoreply that warns folks: In order to control Spam, please resend your email with my name in the subject or body. Emails lacking this text are automatically deleted.

    They only have to read that once to get it right forever.
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    what about newsletters, automated things from companies you are involved with etc.?

    I can see lots of problems with that system


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    Well, I had tried a similar thing long ago with my Hotmail account, but it didn't work... Most of my useful mails also ended up in Junk Mail.

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    Originally posted by Bub Host
    what about newsletters, automated things from companies you are involved with etc.?

    I can see lots of problems with that system

    Once you recieve 1 newsletter it will have a specific title to it. Add that title to the good filter and you will be set.. I know I have never recieved any spam that had the title HotScripts in it...

    Great Idea kckclass, never thought of going that route..
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