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    ASP.NET Hosting

    I'm looking into buying a book (or a few) to learn ASP.NET and probably MSSQL, I currently know PHP (very well), and MySQL (well).

    I'm wondering on any reccomendations on where to go, or if there's a better DB setup for ASP.NET?

    I'm just looking for maybe 100 MB of space, and 5-10 gigs of bandwidth for ~10/month

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    MS SQL Server is the preferred database for use with .NET, it along with Oracle, DB2, and MySQL have optimised provider libraries to utilizing .NET. Almost all documentation and books will provide databinding examples with SQL Server as a back end.

    "ASP.NET Unleashed" is supposed to be one of the better books out there. "Essential ASP.NET with Examples in C#" is a very highly rated book as well that gets my personal recommendation.


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    I was thinking about buying this book; "Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET"

    It looked pretty good, but reccomendations are always great!

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    You can actually host it locally on your own machine if you want.. use the MSDE database (sqlserver lite) which is free and quite good for development.

    You can use the matrix editor and you're on your way to free .NET development.

    Here's a link for ya :

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    The Wrox books are all very good:
    Regards, Sam.
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