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Thread: I need E-Gold

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    I need E-Gold

    I need about $100.00 in my E-gold account within the next 24 hours, I can pay via PayPal (preferred) or StormPay.

    I have a business paypal account with (150) rating,

    Please drop a message if you have e-gold to sell.

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    thanks, I added him. anyone else has some to sell?

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    You can try the Exchangers forum at, rampant with scammers though, be careful.

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    Seems their website is down

    Spotcheck Results for
    Time (US/Eastern) Checked From Result KBytes Secs Kbps
    05/17/2004 03:20:39 Frankfurt GERMANY Unable to connect N/A 30.63 N/A
    05/17/2004 03:20:44 London UK Unable to connect N/A 35.11 N/A
    05/17/2004 03:20:44 Los Angeles USA Unable to connect N/A 35.20 N/A
    05/17/2004 03:20:38 Oklahoma City USA Unable to connect N/A 30.43 N/A
    05/17/2004 03:20:39 Las Vegas USA Unable to connect N/A 30.62 N/A

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    heres a noob question... whats egold?

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    ya this is the first time i've heard of it too lol
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