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    Unhappy Non-US from abroad to get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) no way?

    About two months ago I mailed form SS4 to IRS to apply an EIN for my Delaware LLC. Because I do not have ITIN, I also attached form W-7 to apply one. Other documents include my passport and the recorded copy of my certificate of formation to evidence that I am doing business in the US.
    However, these doccuments are returned to me today. They said they could not issue an ITIN to me because
    c. Request for Missing Information or Support Documentation to Complete Application for an ITIN.
    You did not provide the required documentation showing you met an expeption for requesting an ITIN.
    So is there a way to apply an EIN for my business? How to get an ITIN to fill in my EIN application form?

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    On the IRS site you'll also find the documents needed to correctly fill your application. Also you will find some examples.
    If only one field wasn't correcly filled in, they'll reject your application.
    Lorand R. Minyo
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    1. You dont need ITIN to get EIN.
    You should be able to get it without (I did). You should also call them directly instead of sending them paperwork, than You can do it in one day.

    2. What for do You need it?

    If You're trying to get it for so called "american presence" i.e. some of Your processors require it , it wont help too much.

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    >You dont need ITIN to get EIN.
    Are you sure? As far as I know, at this time, the IRS has ceased issuing EIN numbers to Non US citizens, UNLESS, I have an ITIN. When did you get your EIN?

    >What for do You need it?
    Does this matter?

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    1. About 2 years ago. Sorry if my information is outdated.

    2. The reason I asked is because we used to do our processing from a U.S. company with checking account in Chase Manhattan and EIN issued for it and of course normal office adress.

    It didnt help much. If You want processing in USA You pretty much really must be an american, that's the way USA Acquirers require unless You really have a very small turnover.

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