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    .com domain for appraisal

    How much do you think is worth? Currently getting it hosted so I can share some stats, I registered it yesterday.

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    As you left out the 'G' at the end, it's only reg fee, sorry.
    Lorand R. Minyo
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    Hello there,

    As usual Lorand posts before me Oh well, as he already said, you have left out the "G" from gaming. Try not to shorten words, because obviously it will decrease the potential value of the domain.

    Good luck with sale.

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    well obviously would be taken, but gamin is a popular word shortening. is very popular, why not

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    for discussion of the gamecube or whatever else gc stands for

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    hyper22, i have and email me if your interested in them

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    Originally posted by jroy
    hyper22, i have and email me if your interested in them
    Not interested, and don't reply if you don't want to help appraise. PM me with your offers and such.

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    ok, sorry

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