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    ATTENTION: Gaming Review site owners

    I am about to launch a review portal site, where gaming sites can send their review links, and they will be placed with the corresponding game title, along with other things. They will be accessable by search, among other ways.

    To be able to have your reviews linked on the site, we are going to be charging either a per-review fee (very small) or a monthly/ yearly charge. Because of the mass traffic our site will recieve, and is already receiving, it is really an extremely beneficial tool for gaming website advertisement because your reviews will generate tons of hits.

    Most of the major gaming websites have already signed up, and with the site due to launch soon, with a huge advertising campaign among other marketing, this site will be the premier gaming review portal/ gaming website marketing tool.

    We also do offer, in special cases, free review link submissions.

    If you run a gaming website, and are interested, please pm me, or send us an email at [email protected] , which should include your url, some statistics, and any other info you think you should include.

    You will want to sign up now, before review listing becomes pricier.

    Thanks for your time.

    SPECIAL FOR WHT MEMBERS: Email us, and because we are just starting out, we can list your reviews for free in the beginning

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    got stats?

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    Re: ATTENTION: Gaming Review site owners

    Well, we haven't even opened the site yet, or released a press release, but as of right now, we get around 3 million hits a month.

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    Is the site Illumined Gaming? Can we talk further into this on AIM or MSN? They're in my profile.

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    The site is not illumined gaming.

    I will AIM you when you get on.

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